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Playboy Rewards - Party with "HEF" at the Playboy Mansion

playboy Mansion party with HEF Playboy Casino has the most impressive player reward system you will find at any online casino. All casino players are given a "Bunny Cash" account in addition to their normal online casino account.

       ^----- This could be You !

The Bunny Cash account is updated once a month, and can be used to buy exclusive Playboy experiences and accessories.

The Playboy Casino Bunny Cash reward system is truly unique.
You can spend your Bunny Cash on everything from Playboy underwear to Playboy Mansion Parties and Lunch with Playmates for you and your friends !

Sample Playboy Casino Rewards
Playboy playboy
You have seen them in the magazine and online, why not hang out and have lunch with them!
Rubbing shoulders with the stars, sharing a drink with the playmates, enjoy one of Hugh Hefners famous parties.

playboy playboy
Enjoy partying at one of the many Playboy parties that take place all over the world. The experience includes connections, flights, accommodation and invites for two to the party.

Enjoy a long weekend in Vegas staying at the newly opened Playboy Tower at the Palms casino with VIP access to the Playboy Club and Moon Nightclub.
playboy playboy
How does lunching with three of your friends and a handful of Bunnies at the Playboy Mansion sound?
Enjoy nightly viewing of the Playboy Channel for three months by subscribing to the Playboy TV Channel.


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