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Webmaster Resources - Affiliate Programs
Most casino affiliate websites use the casino affilaite promotions as their main content. In most cases this is a really good idea. The casino affiliate promotions are the offers / site product that the site owner earn 100% of the income on, and the site offers are what the website visitors are interested in.

Casino affiliate promotion content is very important when you select the casino affiliate sites you want to register with.

I've added some of the most impressive casino affiliate sites below based on content, income options and affiliate support.
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CasinoCoins is one of the most impressive Casino affiliate programs i have found.
Its not because they pay more than the rest, its not because their games are any better than the rest... It's because of their agressive fun promotional campaigns.

As a CasinoCoins affiliate you can provide your website visitors with a chance to win real cash and casino credits on a weekly basis, - with no cost to them at all.

CasinoCoins has 3 online casino sites offering weekly free-to-join tournaments with real cash prizes. To see a sample promotional page click here: Tournaments

Click here to join the CasinoCoins affiliate program.

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Online Casino - Online Casino at
Rewards affiliates is a very streamlined casino affiliate program with several very good promotional campaigns for recruiting new players. This is one of my favorite affiliate programs

Click here to see some of the Rewards affilaites promotions .

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Fortune Affiliates is one of the "big players" in the casino affiliate part of the web. They are very similar to Rewards affiliates, same affiliate earning models, similar promotions etc.

Personally i prefer the Rewards affilaites stats section though ;)
Click here to see some of the Fortune Affilaites promotions

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General Banner GamblingWages
Gambling wages is another heavy hitter in the casino affiliate industry. They manage affilaites for several casino sites, have some really impressive promotions and some free cash bonuses to new players !

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