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Page title
Enter the title of your website here. In most cases this will be the link text shown in the search engine.
Page description
Enter the description of your website here. The website description should be in max 200 words.
Page keywords
Enter the keywords that match your website seperated by commas.
Content language
Enter the prime language of your websites content.
Page author
Enter the name and/or website of the page author
Copyright information
Enter the page copyright information here. Useually this is year and copyright holder.
This determines what parts of your website search engine robots should visit and or index.
Robots re-visit
Choose how often the search engine robots should re-visit your website for updates.
Webmaster email
Enter the email address of the websites webmaster / administrator.
Document Class
Choose the document class. Living documents are created on the fly with server scripting languages like ASP and PHP.
Enter the website content category you would like to be indexed under here.
Document rights
Choose the document rights here.
Document type
Enter the document type here. This is used as a more general category in some search engines.
Document rating
Choose the document rating. This determines who the website should be shown to..
Choose the document distribution here. For optimal indexing Global should always be chosen here.
Document state
Choose the document state. Dynamic websites are website created on the fly with serverside scriptings like PHP and ASP.
Choose whether or not search engines should cache your website.
This is another description field for your website.
Target group
Enter the websites target group in as few words as possible.
Enter the name and/or website of the page publsiher.
Publisher email
Enter the email address of the page publisher.
Place name
Enter the name of your website. This can be the same as the title.
Enter names / websites / email addresses of page contributers here.
Page topic
Enter the page topic here. This is used for category in some search engines.
Page type
Enter a page type here. This is used as category in some search engines.
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