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Webmaster resources - Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

Link exchanges with other websites is a good way to increase traffic to your website, but often the results just arent what we expected. Many website owners do not know the simple techniques needed to increase website traffic free.

We are making this webmaster section available to you free, so you can begin optimizing your site today!

Higher Page Rank = Higher Search Engine Positioning = More Site Traffic

Fully Optimize Your Site For The Search Engines

Before beginning the little known secrets to increase website traffic free , spend some time tweaking your website, using basic search engine optimization techniques.
  • Using a Keyword Rich Title - This is a carefully researched term or key phrase people would search for in the search engines that would lead to your website. Generally, you would not use the name of your business unless it happens to be an effective keyword for your topic.
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  • Use the Title Tag Correctly - You have probably seen search engine results with titles like, "Untitled" or "New Page."
    This is because the title tags were missing or ignored during the website creation.

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  • Focus Your Content - Don't try to cram 10 different topics in on just one page! Concentrate on one topic per page, using your keyword rich content.

  • Use Text Links - Fancy menus look great, but usually the k.i.s.s. idea is best. (Keep it simple stupid!) If you want the search engines to find you, use text links.
    Add a site map to your website, along with a link to it on every page!

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    [ Also see.....    » SiteMap generator, - SEO Code generation ]

  • Include a Search engine indexing file ~ robots.txt - If you want search engines to correctly register your website, a simple plain text file with a few words in it will do a huge difference. The file robots.txt will be read by all search engines before they index your website. The website index process is based on the robots.txt file!.

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  • More visitors = Higher Search Engine Rank = Even more visitors - There are thousands of "charts", toplists and search engines that register the amount of visitors a given website has. This data is used to position websites in the search engine listings.

    It is more likely that you will find what you are looking for at a website with 10,000 daily visitors that one with "only" 10 in the eyes of a search engine.

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