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Webmaster Resources - Traffic Exchanges
One of the best ways to promote your website, - for free, is traffic exchange.
Close to a million website owners use traffic exchanges on a daily basis to get more website visitors.

More direct website visitors equals more potential customers and a higher search engine ranking.

Traffic exchange is simple and free, anyone can do it.

All you need to do, is to create a free account at one or more traffic exchange website and view a few websites submitted by other site owners.

In return a number of them will view your website.

All the sites listed below are great traffic exchange websites that you can use to increase your potential customer base and your search engine ranking.

High page rank exchanges Most impressive traffic exchanges
TS25 - 15 second website views TrafficBattle
Traffic G - 30 second website views Enchanted hits
Traffic Pods - 10 second website views Galacy Gold
  Enchanted Clicks
  Rainbow Clicks
Average traffic exchanges  
I Love Hits - 10 second website views  
Traffic Roundup - 10 second website views  
Hit War - 10 seconds  
Royal Surf - 10 second website views  
Dragon Surf - 10 second website views  
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